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All-natural lotion being tested at Paradise Market

October 23rd, 2010 Posted in Business

By Anya Aether

PARADISE–Coyute is a new brand of lotion from Teton Botanicals that is being consumer tested at Paradise Market as well as Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market. Steve Bernet could be found at both of these markets almost every week this season, trying to advertise his lotion while getting feedback at the same time.

“Although the Paradise Market is not as big as the Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market, we had tremendous success and look forward to returning next year,” Bernet said.

Bernet, with the help of Karin Allen, an assistant professor in the nutrition, dietetics and food sciences department at Utah State University, has created a new lotion that is so natural it is edible.

“We need every opportunity to get our product in front of folks so we used the local markets to test our ideas and reaction to the product,” Bernet said. “We really take pride in our technology which is our lotion. We’re not fragrance specialists…we consider ourselves more material scientists.”

The idea for the lotion started out as a project for a company Bernet co-founded in Canada. Coasun Inc. was incorporated in June 2008, and the website, coasun.com, said they are considered one of the world’s leading experts on lipids.

Coasun Inc. created a new baking ingredient similar to shortening but with a low saturated fat and zero trans fat. After the shortening was created it was discovered that the product also made a good skin care product.

Bernet said, “I was told my shortening formula would make a good lotion almost five years ago…I didn’t think to make it a skin product until recently.” But the formula was too greasy. Another problem he had was the product “had a lot of water in it and whenever you have a lot of water it is susceptible to growing bacteria.”

This is where Allen’s expertise came in. “She helped us come up with the idea to use essential oils to help provide a longer shelf life,” Bernet said.

“It’s all food safe ingredients so it is something mold could potentially grow on but with the essential oils that’s not an issue anymore,” Allen said. The oils add different aromas and “act as a natural preservative. I’ve also put essential oils in meat to keep it from turning brown.”

“There are no artificial preservatives. The preservatives that are in there come from the natural essential oils,” said Bernet.

The essential oils do not work as well as artificial preservatives, so Coyute has a shelf life of about four months.

Allen said, “What is good about it is anyone working with food that gets dry hands can use this lotion because it is food safe.”

Right now Coyute is a being produced in small batches in Bernet’s home kitchen, but “we hope that with growth we can build a small production facility in the Logan area,” he said. He said this kind of step is likely to take eight to 12 months.

Coyute will be available for purchase online by the first of November at tetonbotanicals.com. A 4-oz. bottle will cost $9.99 and a 2-oz. bottle will be $5.49. Until the site is complete, Bernet is taking suggestions from customers for new aroma ideas at Teton Botanicals website.


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