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Nibley agrees to accommodate a well by ‘bending’ 1200 West

January 20th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Tmera Bradley

NIBLEY – The City Council voted unanimously Thursday to approve a proposed realignment of 1200 West for the Maple View subdivision.

Kim Datwyler, executive director of the Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation, presented a diagram to the council that demonstrated the road’s current position, as well as the plan to realign. She explained that the reason for alignment is because of a well located on 1200 West. She said the road needs to be modified to accommodate the well, and that the only other option is for the well to be capped.

Datwyler asked for council approval to “bend the road slightly around the well.”

Councilwoman Carrie Cook expressed concern that the “curve will cause traffic problems” and could be a potential safety hazard.

Mayor Gerald Knight said that after realignment, the layout of 1200 West will be similar to 100 East in Logan. He said there are no curve-related traffic problems on 100 East and he doesn’t anticipate any with the proposed plan for the Nibley road.

Councilman Larry Jacobsen said the current plans for the curve will still allow traffic to proceed at 45 mph.

The council approved the realignment, on condition that the plan is reviewed and accepted by the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The council also approved a number of other matters, including changing town meeting times to 6:30 p.m. The new time change is effective immediately.


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