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Nibley planning board nixes Stonebridge’s open space request

October 30th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

By Michael Royer

NIBLEY — Without exception, residents who attended the public hearing at Wednesday night’s Planning Commission meeting got what they wanted: The commission denied a request by developer Jan Nelson to amend the final plat for phase two of the Stonebridge Cluster Subdivision, located at approximately 1200 W. 2980 South St.

“It’s hard to approve a new request when the first part of the project isn’t even completed and may never be,” said commission member Dave Davenport.

The decision was unanimous to reject the request, which was for five existing home lots to absorb two areas — each measuring 100 feet by 70 feet — of open space.

“The commission stood up and did the right thing for us,” resident Jon Stucky said. “If they would have amended the plat it would have been bad news for us as a city now and in the future.”

Subdivision developer Nelson argued that the open areas are already poorly maintained. “Homeowners in Stonebridge should be living up to a standard,” she said. “If our request gets approved the open space would be absorbed into existing home lots and look much better than it does now, being unkempt.”

In July 2013, the planning commission approved the original plan, which stated that designated open space areas were to remain in place throughout the existence of the subdivision.

“When this whole thing started, we approved a plan,” said commission member Bill Green. “By changing it, this subdivision will be out of compliance with the Nibley Land Codes because the lots that will absorb the open space will be too large for what was approved for that subdivision.”

The issue isn’t over for the city. Nelson can take the issue to the City Council in November. For now, the commission has made its decision and will recommend the council do the same.

“Stonebridge is a conditional development based on open space being present,” said Mark Lawyer, commission chairman. “Beyond the scope of the ordinance, it would be against this commission to amend this request.”

Nelson walked out of the meeting before the decision was made, and there were smiles all around from residents as they exited the city office building. “A deal is a deal,” resident Barbra Willden said. “The commission made their deal some time ago and tonight they stood strong and kept it.”

In other business, the commission:

  • approved a request for Jim Renshaw to build an accessory building measuring 24 feet by 24 feet for his own personal use located at 605 W. 3300 South St.
  • approved a final plat for phase one of River Meadows Subdivision, a 13-lot establishment to begin preliminary building located at 3700 S. 250 East St.


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