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Nibley P&Z approves railcar repair business

November 18th, 2015 Posted in Opinion

By Morgan Pratt

NIBLEY CITY — The Nibley City Planning and Zoning Commission has approved Blue Collar Railcar Repair, a home business, to operate within city limits, even though board members had questions and the applicant wasn’t present.

Rick Maners applied for the license to use his house as a home office and to store railcar equipment. Maners was not at the meeting, so there was confusion among the commissioners about what a railcar repair business would entail.

“Where is Rick Maners?” asked Commissioner Bill Green. “I want to know what a railcar repair is.”

City planner Shari Phippen said Maners lives right by the railroad tracks, and plans to hire out-of-state employees if he decides to expand his business. “Really he wants a home office for the business,” she said.

There was even more confusion when the Commission began to deliberate what to do with a company car, even though the license said Maners was not planning on getting vehicle for the business.

Commission chair Aaron Bliesner said he wanted to ensure Maners would not park his hypothetical company vehicle, or machinery of any kind, in a way that disturbed his neighbors.

“I am just wondering how he is interpreting a vehicle, because I would imagine he would need a truck,” he said. “I just want him to not have it parked in the way of the public.”

The Commission decided to not allow Maners to leave his equipment or vehicle in front of or on the side of his house.

“If it is going to be a big imposing thing, I don’t want it right there in the front,” Bliesner said.

After much deliberation about where to allow him to keep his company equipment, the license was approved unanimously.


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