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Nibley’s live nativity scene continues Saturday, Monday

December 7th, 2013 Posted in Arts and Life

By Mitch Henline

NIBLEY –The annual live nativity event kicked off Friday night at Morgan Farm. Parked cars lined 800 West as family after family visited to see the manger scene depicting the birth of Christ and donate to a good cause. Christmas music was heard over the speakers as volunteer actors made up entirely of Nibley youth portrayed Joseph, Mary, shepherds and the wise men. There were also live donkeys, sheep, chickens and even two camels to help set the scene. There was no admission fee, but those who attended were asked to bring one can of food or $2 per person to donate to the Cache Community Food Bank and Options for Independence. The event will continue Saturday and Monday night.

“We hope that people can come and bring their families and contemplate the real meaning of Christmas to help others who might be less fortunate and need food to eat for the holiday season,” said Richard Eversull, who started the live nativity six years ago.

Eversull took over the historic Morgan Farm several years back. His goal was to put a few animals in so that the kids in the community could interact with them. “My vet was over here and he looked in the barn one day and said, ‘Gee that would make a great place for a live nativity,’” he said. Eversull liked the idea and started it later that year. One structure on the farm is used to portray the inn and the old milking parlor in the barn is used for the stable where Christ was born.

“The barn was built in like 1920,” Eversull said. “So it’s pretty outdated by modern standards but it makes a nice stable for the nativity.”

There is also a hayride set up at the farm. Eversull said that it is common for everyone riding to start singing Christmas carols. In order to keep everyone that attends the event warm, small fires are lit in 55-gallon drums along the pathway.

Trudy Knight, who is the Nibley Youth Council director, has helped plan and put together the event for several years. She said that she isn’t sure how many pounds of food get donated, but there is usually a lot of it.

“Every night that I do it, I have a minivan,” she said. “I have it filled. Every seat. Every part that can be filled clear to the top, all but where I have to sit to drive. The first night it will be about that full. On Saturday it will be about that full. And then on Monday night I typically have to have my husband bring his truck and my minivan.”


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