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North Logan picks Parsons Construction to fix intersection

September 4th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Amanda Pierce

NORTH LOGAN – A bid from Parsons Construction Co. for more than $2 million to complete construction on 200 East from 1800 to 2200 North was accepted by the North Logan City Council Wednesday night.

“This is not a contract,” said city administrator/recorder Jeffrey Jorgensen. “This is accepting their bid. We can still go in there and do some negotiations.”

Jorgensen said five companies submitted bids to the city before the deadline. Parsons Construction Company accepted all four alternatives to the construction plan, which include: improving the cross section of pavement; adding in a concrete trail on the east side of the street; completing construction at the intersection of 1800 North and. 200 East streets before winter if the weather allows; and using Geogrids to reinforce the soil structures.

The city is focused on fixing the intersection and hopes to complete construction before winter, if the weather cooperates, said Jorgensen. If the weather turns bad, then a temporary fix will allow traffic to flow and roads to be plowed, but construction won’t be completed until spring.

Also at Wednesday’s council meeting, Councilwoman Elaine Nelson said early voting has confused North Logan voters. It isn’t early voting in the traditional sense, she said, it’s actually absentee voting. Voters are free to come and fill out an absentee form, seal it in the envelope and hand it to one of the election judges, or they can take it home and mail it later.

“Yes, you can come vote during that period of time,” Nelson said. “Make them feel comfortable if they want to vote (early).”

The city council also discussed possible budget changes for 2010. If possible, adding additional crossing guards on 800 East St. would be beneficial, Jorgensen said. There was previously $25,000-$30,000 in the storm water fund; however, after the most recent storm, there are places that need repair and more money may need to be added, he said

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