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Paradise cancels municipal election because of no candidates

October 4th, 2013 Posted in Opinion

By Christopher Farnes

PARADISE – For the second time in a row the Paradise municipal elections have been canceled due to a lack of candidates putting their names forward for town government offices.

The elections, which were set for Nov. 5, were canceled after the Town Council unanimously voted to cancel it at their meeting Thursday.

“We don’t have anyone challenging for the positions available so it would just a waste of time and money to print out ballots and set up an election,” Mayor Leland Howlett said. “I would rather have us spend the money on other things like the park and other things the city needs.”

Canceling a municipal election is something that Paradise is used to, as they have had many elections canceled over the years due to the same issue of people not running for the open positions.

“To be honest we don’t get a lot of people that want to have our jobs,” Howlett said. “It is usually the same people who serve on the town council. They leave for a while but usually come back at some point in the future.”

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Howlett, Councilwoman Kyle Smith and Councilman Dale Anderson were up for re-election this year. Howlett and Smith will continue to serve in their positions but Anderson, 76, will be stepping down after 12 years of service on the town council.

“When I realized I was in the highest age category at a conference for town council members, I realized that I should maybe let the younger guys have a run at it,” Anderson said. “I’ll still be keeping busy; my wife and I are planning on serving a mission in Salt Lake City helping with security for the general authorities.”

Spencer Winn will replace Anderson on the council when his term expires in January. “I talked to Dale about the position and when he said he wasn’t going to run again, I said that I would fill his position on the council,” Winn said.

The first time Anderson served on the town council was almost 20 years ago. When he first joined the council it was to replace a member who had passed away. That man was Spencer Winn’s father, Gary.

“I would not have taken this position if Dale wasn’t stepping down, because he has done some great things for the community over the years,” Winn said. “I just want to give a little bit back to this community that has given me so much.”

Winn will officially become a town council member in January. He is unsure if he will be in charge of the budget, fire and grants like Anderson was. “I’m not sure what I’ll be in charge of to be honest,” Winn said. “I know that they shift responsibilities every few years so I might be doing something else, but I don’t really have a preference.”

Winn will be appointed as a town council member by the mayor, because of the cancelation of the election and the lack of any other candidates for the position.

“To be honest I’m kind of disappointed that there won’t be an election,” Winn said. “I was looking forward to having my name on the ballot and being accepted by the community at the election, but I totally understand why they had to cancel it.”


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