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Paradise council wants better water pressure

October 21st, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Anya Aether

PARADISE–Help wanted: Paradise town is looking for engineers who can increase the amount of storable water as well as raise the water pressure for town residents.

The easiest way to get more water pressure is to put a water tank at a higher elevation. This allows gravity to increase the pressure naturally and is a cheaper alternative to buying a pressurized water tank.

“We need to make sure we put it at the right elevation so we don’t have so much pressure in the pipes that they explode, or so it’s not too low that it can’t service the area it needs to,” said Zan Murry, representative for JUB Engineers Inc.

“Some of your existing homes right now have about 40 to 45 psi and that seemed a little light. We wanted to go to a base minimum of 50 to 55 psi,” said Murry.

The JUB project could help them plan out a good location for the water tank and start the construction that would help increase the water supply as well as the pressure in Paradise in the coming years. The town also needs another storage unit to help cover the southern part of Paradise, because that is where the council expects the residential population to increase the most.

“This is something that we have needed to do for a while. These guys brought us exactly what we wanted,” said Mayor Leland Howlett.

The council has not made a final decision on this project yet.

A group of Eagle Scouts from the second ward attended the meeting to fulfill their Citizenship in the Community merit badge. With the added six scouts and four adults the council was forced to move the meeting to a larger room that could better accommodate the crowd.


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