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Paradise to speeders: Slow down or get a ticket

April 22nd, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Paul Lewis Siddoway

PARADISE–Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Ramirez told the Town Council that speeding and driving unlicensed vehicles is still a problem, adding that he is going to “first educate, then start writing tickets.”

“I’m sitting at the church and they’re going 60,” he said of the 35 mph zone at the south end of town.

Mayor Leland Howlett said, “If you give a warning and then the next day the same kid is doing the same thing, it’s time to start working down the list of citations.”

Both Howlett and Ramirez said they would understand after the first offense, remembering how they acted when they were growing up. Howlett said he remembered having a talk with his children, warning them that riding through the streets on an unlicensed vehicle or other violations could mean that they don’t receive their driver’s license until they are 18 years old, while their friends received theirs at 16.

“It usually catches their attention and scares them straight,” Howlett said.

Paradise also auctioned off its Jeep, which went to Todd Mayor for $653.32.

“Tell him he might have to jump it,” Howlett said to Kyle Smith, who was contacting the mayor for unrelated reasons. “I haven’t started it for two months.”


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