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Planning Commission says N. Logan’s form-based code law is finished

November 9th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Jessica Sonderegger

NORTH LOGAN—With a full agenda Thursday, the Planning Commission was well aware of how little time they could dedicate to further revise the proposed form-based code ordinance. And even then, they exceeded the meeting’s time frame by 56 minutes.

The City Council on Wednesday had encouraged the commission to readdress some concerns they still had with the proposed ordinance —mainly density values, and the opportunity for “coach houses” within the designated zone of the future city center.

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“The success of a city center is not our responsibility,” said commission member Chris Nelson. “[We created] a working model as best as we could, for that geographic area.”

Nelson said the city council, as the legislative body, now has the responsibility to either dismiss the proposal or approve it as they see fit. He said the commission has done what they were expected to do; that they have already given the city council their best shot.

“I think the council needs to know that we have not taken this project lightly,” said commission member Geri Christensen.

Commission chairman Mark Hancey acknowledged that he feels the council is aware of the efforts put into the ordinance modification. He said he is under the impression that the city council is looking for more that just the ordinance revisions. He suspects the council is wanting to be informed of the thought processes behind the revisions, so that they can better understand what led the commission to their final proposal.

The discussion didn’t result in any official modifications, but created feedback that could later be offered to the city council.

City Councilman Damon Cann was one of three people in the audience at Thursday’s  meeting. The commission designated him to deliver their thoughts back to the council.


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