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Probation violation lands woman back in court

November 24th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Seili Lewis

LOGAN–Chelsea Lee Kerr, 19, of Provo, was sentenced to meet the requirements of her probation in 1st District Court Tuesday.

Judge Thomas L. Willmore ruled that Kerr must try once more to meet the requirements of her probation, which were set in May. Willmore said Kerr must pay a fine of $580, attend substance abuse counseling, earn a GED and find a suitable residence.

Kerr failed to report to jail to serve a two-day sentence for violating her probation. When she didn’t report to serve her time a bench warrant was issued. Willmore said Kerr’s 20 days in the Utah County Jail would count for the two-day sentence she failed to serve, but the rest of the days would not be available to her for future use as time served.

Kerr was sentenced in May this year for possession of a controlled substance known as ecstasy. She pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor on April 6 and was sentenced to a year in jail with probation. After being released on probation Kerr violated the terms of her probation and was sentenced to return to jail for two days. The main violation she was guilty of was failing to attend substance abuse counseling. When she failed to attend counseling her probation officer was alerted and she was sentenced to serve two days at the Cache County Jail.
Willmore said he was disheartened by Kerr’s lack of effort to comply with any of the terms of her probation. “You don’t ignore an order of the court” Willmore said before issuing his latest judgment in Kerr’s case.

Willmore asked Kerr why she hadn’t reported to jail to serve her two days, to which she replied that she lacked transportation. Willmore said this was an unacceptable answer, and said she should have called her probation officer or made a greater effort to make her way up to Cache County Jail. “You had five days, you could have walked,” Willmore said.

Willmore also asked with some concern where Kerr’s baby was, and Kerr said that the child was with Kerr’s mother.

Willmore stressed that Kerr should make greater efforts in the future to comply with the terms of her probation.


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