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River Heights gets ready for Saturday’s emergency drill

March 24th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Tyson Thorpe

RIVER HEIGHTS–Kathryn Hadfield briefed City Council members Tuesday night on the city’s emergency system test that will take place Saturday.

Hadfield, councilwoman over community affairs, said an officer from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office will drive through the city at 8:30 Saturday morning blaring a hi-low siren. The area supervisors will then contact the block captains to check their assigned areas for any sign of need. A red flag on a resident’s front door means help is needed, she said.

Since it is a drill, a few residents have been asked to place red flags on their doors in order to test the effectiveness of the system, Hadfield said.

In an actual emergency council members should take care of their own families before checking in at the city building, she said. The city building is the command center for the city emergency system.

Council members also discussed which member is in charge of city buildings.

Francine Davis, councilwoman over parks and recreation, said she thought she was but was told by the mayor in the last meeting that the responsibility was not hers.

Councilman Rob Gines said he took care of them during his time over parks and recreation. Gines is now the councilman responsible for water and sewer.

The issue was tabled and Gines said it should be placed on the agenda for a future city council meeting. The issue could then be further discussed and clarified.

Don Davis, the county building inspector used by River Heights, reported Tuesday night on construction in the city last year and the outlook for construction for 2010.

“I think the building here will be better this year,” he said.


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