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River Heights looking for library services from Logan, Hyrum

December 1st, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Megan Allen

RIVER HEIGHTS–Due to the snowstorm on Nov. 23, a public hearing to officially ban the synthetic cannabinoid “spice” has been postponed. It will be held Dec. 14. City policy states that the public must have 10 days notice of any public hearings.

Councilman Doug Clausen talked to the council about the possibility of the city looking into an agreement with the Hyrum City Library that would allow River Heights to reimburse families for a portion of the fee associated with getting a library card. Hyrum Library charges $30 per year to non-residents to access their materials.

Clausen is suggesting the city pay families anywhere from $5-10 once they show their library card. However, most council members disagreed.

“What family can’t afford $30 a year if they’re really going to use it?” said Councilwoman Francine Davis.

Councilwoman Kathryn Hadfield was asked to talk to Jay Monson of the Logan City Council about creating a special fee for River Heights residents to use the Logan Library for the same amount of money Logan residents pay in their taxes, which is around $66.

“The Logan Library is bigger and more convenient for most our residents,” Hadfield said. She is going to look into the issue and report back at the next council meeting.

Winter is here and the first big snowstorm has come and gone. This has led the council to finalize preparations for the season.

River Heights Boulevard is a steep hill that serves as one of the main streets connecting River Heights and Logan. During Tuesday’s storm, the hill became very icy and impossible to drive on. The public works department took the time to blockade the street, forcing drivers to take a different, safer route.

In future storms, the street should not have to be blockaded, and should be sanded or salted instead. Last week, the truck that does the sanding was in the shop.

“I’ve spent so much money on this truck since I’ve been on the council that it makes me want to throw up,” said Councilman Rob Gines. “Is it really worth it anymore?”

The meeting wrapped up with a presentation by Diana Cannell, a CPA from Allred Jackson, who discussed the River Heights audit report. The audit, along with next year’s budget will be discussed in more depth at the public hearing Dec. 14.


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