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Smithfield council approves Park Place subdivision

April 29th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Safiyyah Ballard

SMITHFIELD–The City Council voted unanimously to approve the final plat for the Park Place Subdivision at 600 West and 250 North, pending a final review by City Attorney Bruce Jorgensen.

Mayor Simmons expressed concern about a lawsuit filed against Neighborhood Non-Profit Housing Corporation (NNHC). “I know the parties involved aren’t happy about this pending approval tonight. My concern is this: Has everything been conducted to the letter of the law?”

City Manager Jim Gass assured the council that the required traffic study and water share issues had been resolved and there are no known legal issues.

Kim Datwyler, NNHC director, told the council the lawsuit required certain families not be hooked up to irrigation water in order for NNHC to secure the plats. Simmons suggested that the parties involved consult with a mediator to resolve the issues. Datwyler promised the council that she would participate in the mediation process and try to resolve the issue before moving forward.

Gass notified the council of Ordinance 10-04 for Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). “The Smithfield Planning Commission spent a lot of time working on this ordinance.“ Gass said the ordinance applies only to PUDs and disallows private roads in PUDs, with a few exceptions, which are at the discretion of the planning commission and city council. Under the ordinance, main roads through a PUD have to be public and private roads cannot be more than 150 feet.

A public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for May 26.

A group of USU students presented ideas to repurpose the Carnegie Public Library. The presentation included an expansion to 12,000 square feet and would make the building handicap accessible.

Steven Mansfield, an architect and USU faculty member, accompanied his students to the presentation. “We recognize that you may be years away from this, but we wanted to give you a heads up to your options. We’re just planting a seed here.” Mansfield offered the council the images, information and any consulatation they needed.

The council thanked the students for their presentation, which addresses sustainability building and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

“It gives us a new vision. We’ll do something eventually and we’d like to stay in touch with you,” Mayor Simmons said.

The council also discussed the relocation of the green waste bins. There was concern about the height of the bins and the overflow of the bins. Resident Connie Croshaw said she often see people balance on the edge of their pick-up trucks to try and toss objects into the bins.

“I ran over to help an older couple that was struggling to put something in. It’s a huge safety issue.” Croshaw suggested the council consider digging a pit for the bins.

Gass said the city could look into putting the bins on a hard surface in an area with more space. “We are responsible for whatever is on the ground. They [waste company] won’t pick things up off the ground, so we have to clean it up.”

The meeting ended with individual council reports :

* Councilman Brent Buttars said he was pleased to see former mayor Chad Downs named as Citizen of the Year. Buttars also said he was surprised by the amount of residents that wanted to move the Health Days parade to Main Street.

* Councilman Mike Oliverson said that he is part of a cemetery committee that is trying to put together an informational booklet about the cemetery. City Recorder Dean Clegg thanked Oliverson and said that it would help educate the public.

* Councilwoman Kris Monson asked council to attend as many Health Days activities as possible. Monson also said the two tree pruning classes the Tree Committee hosted were a huge success, and they will be held again.

* Councilwoman Barbara Kent said the Youth Council had a great event and that she was glad to represent council at that event.

* Mayor Simmons thanked the emergency personnel and public works department for their response to the storm and wind on Tuesday night. “I just want to remind the citizens to always be prepared.”


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