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Snowball soldiers battle on the USU Quad

February 4th, 2010 Posted in Arts and Life

Story by Caresa Alexander

Photos by Caresa Alexander and Cassidee Cline

LOGAN—Cries of “Aggies unite!” “Charge!” and “For Narnia!” fill the air on the Quad at Utah State University. No swords, catapults or bows and arrows—but the clash was no less ferocious for being fought with snowballs.

Kevin Bell and his sister Megan, from Centerville, arranged the snowball fight on the Quad and hope the battle will be a regular occurrence.

Megan was searching Flickr last month and saw pictures of an impromptu snowball fight in Times Square in New York City. The sophomore graphic design major sent the pages to Kevin and he posted it on Facebook.

“I thought, dude, we should do this up at Utah State,” said Kevin, a junior psychology major.

Just then a horn blared behind him. He turned to see a pickup truck, snowball warriors packed in the back, driving along the south side of the Quad, spoiling for a fight. “Go!” Kevin yelled. “Everybody go!” as his small army pelted the truck and passengers with snowballs.

“That was my favorite part when the truck came by,” said Spencer Jacobson later. “Next time I want to invite students from BYU so we can pound them!” Jacobson said he likes snowball fights because you can get out your anger.

Originally set for Jan. 19, Kevin said about 400 people confirmed they would come to the USU snowball fight, and about 700 said they might come.

“People were excited about it,” he said, but because of a lack of snow, the battle was postponed a week, to last Saturday. Only about 30 participants showed up on the Quad Saturday afternoon, but what they lacked in numbers they made up in enthusiasm.

Megan said the snowball fight had added value beyond the fight itself.

“Flirting and good-looking men!” she grinned. The occasional killer shot was satisfying, she said, but it didn’t happen often. “This one girl, I threw a snowball at her head when she was down. But then she stood up and it hit her in the face,” she said. “I apologized but it was some really awesome timing.”

Next time, Megan hopes something like that original 400 might show up. “I think that would be awesome if we have another one and that many people come,” she said.



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