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Soil conditioning plant approved by Richmond planning commission

April 4th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Chris Lee

RICHMOND — The Planning and Zoning Commission gave a green light Tuesday to Salam Awada’s soil conditioning facility, but with some conditions.

Awada, owner of AG Sci Tech, once again spoke to the commission about his proposed business at its meeting April 3. At a previous meeting, the commission approved rezoning the land west of 400 West and south of 200 South to manufacturing/light industrial. In March, Awada asked the Richmond City Council to rezone the land. The council said the land wouldn’t need to be rezoned if Awada applied for a conditional use permit. Councilman Brad Jensen said he would be more likely to vote in favor of a conditional use permit than a rezone.

The commission unanimously approved Awada’s request for the conditional use permit, but they had some concerns.

Commission member Monica Merrill said she wanted to make sure Awada understood he would be responsible if there was any sort of chemical leak. “If there were a problem with the containment, that you would be responsible for that,” Merrill said.

Members of the commission also expressed concerns with how human waste would be disposed of without endangering a nearby well, and they were concerned with how trucks would be able to maneuver on the property.

The commission recommended several conditions that the council can add to, or subtract from, when they meet with Awada May 15.

Conditions recommended by the commission are a sealed sewage containment tank, keeping the tanks as far away from the well water as possible, and an adequate driveway for 18-wheeler trucks to turn around in, said Marlowe Adkins, city manager.

The commission approved the conditional use permit unanimously, and stressed that
the city council can add or subtract any conditions at its May meeting.

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  1. One Response to “Soil conditioning plant approved by Richmond planning commission”

  2. By Ken on Apr 7, 2012

    Is it raw sewage coming to Richmond?
    Where is it coming from?
    Why not abandon all the sewage plants in the valley and truck the stuff to Richmond?
    Perhaps the sewage plant will eclipse all other industries including farming/ranching in Richmond. Perhaps property values in Richmond will get real cheap when we are known to the world as “Sewage City.” Why not build a 500 stall outhouse and do away with the tanker trucks

    Guess it’s time to move to anywhere but Richmond.

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