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Students won’t pay for new Snapchat filters

December 7th, 2015 Posted in USU Life

By Madison McCann

On Oct. 13, Snapchat filters were released to enhance selfies and decorate snaps – and for 99 cents, users can have unlimited access to their favorite ones.

But Snapchat’s new move to charge users for its popular filters isn’t going over well with students at Utah State University.

“I love Snapchat filters, especially the ones with facial recognition because they’re silly and fun to play around with, but they aren’t essential,” said Ben Fordham, a junior at Utah State University. “I would never pay for them.”

There are 30 different lenses available for purchase including a rainbow filter, which shoots a rainbow out of the user’s mouth. A Barbie filter, which enhances the snap’s overall appearance and the wrinkle filter, giving the user wrinkles to appear much older. Each filter costs 99 cents and may be kept permanently.

Tucker Cottrell, a senior at USU, said the new lenses aren’t worth it.

“I don’t like that,” Cottrell said. “I would never pay for it. Why would you? Ninety nine cents isn’t worth 10 seconds.”

This is the second paid feature on Snapchat, following the purchase of three additional playback messages — allowing the recipient to view a snap again — which came out at the same time as the original filters in September.

“My sister was the first one in my family who figured out how to use them and she loves them,” said Jordan Hernandez, a sophomore at USU. “I think they are way funny and I enjoy using them occasionally, but I don’t use them very often so I probably wouldn’t pay for them.”

Snapchat still provides a free new lens every day for those who don’t want to buy the popular ones as well as access to the lenses that came out the previous six days.

“I would never waste money on it,” said Rio Manning, a junior at USU. “Snapchat just created a way to make money by targeting witless, vapid, money spenders.”


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