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USU multicultural clubs revamp diversity week

October 24th, 2015 Posted in USU Life

A live reggae concert, new international food choices, and a tailgate fiesta before the Utah State University football game on Friday will be among the new features of Diversity Week, which begins Monday.

The new events are part of an effort by the Utah State University Student Association, alongside the diversity council committee, to increase student participation.

Diversity week in past years has been “this lower scale thing that no one knows,” said Luis Armenta, the vice president of diversity for USUSA. “A lot of people don’t even know what happened last year.”

Armenta said the new events will be fun and accessible to every student at Utah State.

“I think the goal is to give people a little taste of another person’s perspective on life,” Armenta said.

And to have some fun.

“I’m excited for the giant piñata,” said Oscar Zamudio, the USUSA diversity director, regarding one of the events. “It’s pretty massive — like the size of a car.”

Polynesian Student Union president Matt Kimbrough, who helped to organize Diversity Week, said the committee advertised much more for the event this year compared to previous years. According to Kimbrough, organizers want to focus not just on the clubs but the entire student body.

“Diversity week helps bring these clubs to the forefront, providing us with a great way to show off our club and our culture,” Kimbrough said.

Zamudio said he and Armenta have reached out to all the USU club leaders about the Diversity Week events so everyone feels invited.

“We love everyone,” Kimbrough said. “You don’t have to be black or Polynesian or Latino or Asian to join these clubs. We accept everyone.”

Rachel Reid, Ashley Springer, Bianca Pahl, Kate Leach, Cassandra Solarte and Jackson Wilde contributed to this report.

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