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USU students create outdoor adventure website

December 9th, 2015 Posted in Outdoors, Recreation

By Natalie Deaver

Cache Valley has acquired another resource to help community members explore the outdoors.

Utah State University students Larry Bucio and Brenton Hull have created a website that compiles information about hikes and climbing sites in Cache Valley.

The website, Adventure Out, was published online in late August but is still under construction as the creators acquire information about new hikes and add their own creative elements.

The website gets its name from a club Bucio and Hull confounded. The Adventure Out club at Utah State gives students and community members resources to experience Cache Valley’s outdoor opportunities.

“The Adventure Out website acts as a resource for people who want to explore the outdoors, but don’t necessarily know where to start,” said Lindsey Dunn, an Adventure Out club member who helps plan the club’s events. 

So far there are a total of 10 hikes from Logan Canyon on the site. Each hike’s page includes directions to the trailhead, difficulty level, elevation gain, distance traveled and the estimated time it takes to complete.

One element of the website the creators wish to eventually include is an individual journal, or history bank. Users will have the opportunity to sign up and log their experiences on different hikes and climbs, and record what gear they used. There will also be a section where members can rent out or sell their equipment to other site users.

“We want people to submit posts about things like how to pack your backpack right or what to bring on a day hike or how to tie a climbing knot,” Hull said.

The creators want their site to be a place where people can learn from other adventurers and feed off each other’s knowledge.

“A big problem that stops people is they just don’t know where to go,” Dunn said. “The website has that information and is presented in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly way.”

Hull and Bucio collaborated with their sponsors — Cotopaxi, Denik, Joyride Bikes and Rumpl — to provide a 15 percent to 25 percent discount on outdoor merchandise for site users.

“We have a lot of supporters, sponsors and companies that like what we are doing and want to see it continue to grow,” Hull said. “Essentially our club is all about helping people and bringing the community together. Why would you not want that?”

Bucio first pitched the idea to Hull during the summer. They began to gather information about the different hikes in Cache Valley.

Once the fall semester started, Bucio and Hull recruited Adventure Out ambassadors to help collect any new data.

According to Hull, Adventure Out currently has a team working on collecting information for Utah Valley. Eventually they would like to see all of Utah’s hikes and climbing locations on the website. 

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