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Wafflemania: Bliss chez Bruges in SLC

September 14th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By April Ashland

SALT LAKE CITY—Nestled in the heart of downtown near Pioneer Park and across from the hustle and bustle of the Farmer’s Market, Bruges Waffles and Frites brings a bit of the taste of Europe to Salt Lake City.

Inside, Bruges is so small that a family of four would just about fill the restaurant. But outside are tables and chairs, and a balcony overlooks the area.

The first time I was first taken to the Belgium restaurant, I was skeptical. There were only two choices on the menu—vanilla or cinnamon waffles—and about five toppings: fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, fresh bananas, creme fraiche, and chocolate sauce.

I ordered a cinnamon waffle with strawberries and vanilla ice cream, and an Honest Ade cranberry lemonade.

Now, a bit of background: my family calls me The Bottomless Pit, and rightly so. I eat anything and everything, and can out-eat my father anyday

These waffles, however, are about half the size I’m used to, though much denser. When I my waffle arrived, I was still not convinced. Until I took a bite.

It was as if my senses were carried away to where flowers bloomed and fresh fruit was served every day. I almost yelped. The waffle seemed to dissolve in my mouth, and much too quickly.

These are authentic Belgian waffles, certainly far from the cardboard Eggo’s that most American kids are used to.

Not only did I get an absolutely scrumptious waffle, but I also had Bruges “Frites”—French for French fries. Like the wafles, frites are so much better than the typical McDonald’s white potatoes deep-fried and salted. These frites, for some reason, were kind of an orangey color, and they had flavor.

But the best thing about the frites was the sauce they were dipped in.

Most of Bruges’ fry sauces are mayo-based, but they all have very different flavors. They carry standard ketchup and regular old Utah fry sauce, but also offer much more, including curry and andalouse (mayonnaise with tomatoe purée and peppers).

The curry sauce was so distinctive, with a bit of a bite. The andalouse sauce was also very good—with roasted red pepper, it tasted fresh and like summer with a hint of spiciness. It wasn’t too overwhelming, but I would suggest finishing your fruit waffle BEFORE diving into the flavorful frites and sauce.

On that Saturday, around 1 p.m., not only were we not the only people there, but there was a steady stream of people either ordering at the to-go window, or staying to eat their meals outside the restaurant.

And a few sparrows joined the lunch crowd. I tossed a male a mini piece of my waffle, small enough he could scoop it up. After he flew off with it, he brought a female back with him, and she spent the rest of the time I was there flying back and forth from somewhere with waffle and fries in her beak.

It was bliss, sitting at that table with a little bit of sun on my back, chowing down of Bruges’ best.

I’m not the only fan. The Deseret News gives Bruges 3 stars, and it’s also been reviewed by the City Weekly, and many happy (and a couple unhappy) customers.

An entire meal at Bruge’s is $10 or under per person. Bruges is located at 336 W. Broadway in Salt Lake City, and is Monday through Saturday.

Their website is www.brugeswaffles.com


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