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Wellsville Council passes $3 monthly fee for firefighting equipment

September 8th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Allie Jeppson

WELLSVILLE–Residents of Wellsville will now be paying a monthly fee of $3 for the purpose of purchasing new fire equipment. After much deliberation by the City Council Wednesday, the vote was 3-1 in favor of the fee.

Cache County Fire Chief Rod Hammer was present to discuss the city’s options on purchasing a new water tender for transporting water to a fire scene, as well as other equipment. New equipment would not only be used for Wellsville but also for other cities in Cache County as needed, Hammer explained.

“The system is set up so that we can fight fires with a number of fighters available,” Hammer said. The county has decided to try to buy as many tenders as possible by 2013 because water is so limited and is easily depleted.

One concern expressed by Councilman Gary Bates was the use of the equipment by other cities.
“If we impose additional fees to go buy county equipment, then citizens feel they’re being imposed,” said Bates. “ I just want to make sure there’s fairness.”

The council deliberated on alternative options such as buying their own engine specifically for the use of Wellsville fires, whether or not to buy a new or a used engine, using chains for the current engines that struggle in the winter while money is being raised for new equipment, and discussion on a monthly fee for fundraising.

“I would support charging the $3 fee right away so we can support that fund,” said Councilman Ron Case. “I think we need to have our own equipment. We need to be fighting for our won people.”

Councilman Carl Leatham proposed to take it to the people for a vote on the November ballot.
After much discussion, the council voted to instigate the monthly $3 fee for fire equipment and determine what to do with that money at a later date.

Denis Watkins of Watkins Printing was present to discuss a possible reprinting of the Wellsville history book, Windows of Wellsville. Watkins proposed that the book be recorded digitally so files would not be lost, and then reprinted for the public to buy. The book would stay exactly the same except an additional date would be added when the reprinting took place.
“We’d be delighted to print it for you,” Watkins said. By reprinting with Watkins, the city wouldn’t have to worry about the hassle of reprinting while the copyright continues in the city’s name.

The only downside to reprinting with Watkins is that in order to produce the book at a reasonable price of about $60, a mass number of 200 books would have to be produced and if all of these books didn’t sell, the city would have to buy them.

“It would be wise to have Watkins come in and do that. We wouldn’t have to worry about selling them and people could still buy them…..sounds good to me,” said Councilman Collin Harris.

Mayor Thomas Bailey asked Wilma J. Hall, one of the book’s authors who was present, what she would like to do. “I support the city with whatever decision they make,” said Hall.

The council then voted unanimously to contract with Watkins Printing in a second printing of Windows of Wellsville.

In other business, the council:

–Conducted a public hearing to receive input from the public and consider approval of splitting the Glen Family Trust Subdivision into two additional building lots.

–Approved the proposal of Scott Okelberry to host and sponsor a local bicycle rally for all ages on Sept. 17.

–Postponed the decision on closing the Wellsville Dam Park at night, and get a police recommendation for possible signage.

–Decided to keep the speed limit on Center Street from Highway 89-91 to 1600 South at 30 mph but the trees around the sign need to be trimmed so the sign is visible.


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