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Wellsville proposes taking ownership of Red Slide subdivision

November 27th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Nick Rust

WELLSVILLE–City recorder Don Hartle has proposed a plan that would transfer all “open space” land in the Red Slide subdivision to Wellsville city.

The city plans on inviting Red Slide lot owners to meet and discuss the plan. Hartle said the plan would renovate West Park in the subdivision and would include a sprinkler system, a new lawn and completion of the entry pond. He said the estimated cost would be $40,000-$50,000 and the lot owners would help pay for the renovation. “All lot owners must participate in the program,” Hartle said.

West Park was originally a private park, but the developer who was working on it went out of business. The city wants to address the problems now before they get worse.

“If we don’t do something,” Mayor Ruth P. Maughan said. “Somebody’s going to file a lawsuit against us.”

City Councilman Jackie Orton said lot owners have been voluntarily helping keep up the park. He said about two and half hours of work are put in a week. “I think it’s a good first start,” Orton said, referring to the city’s plan. “I’d like to know what the monthly fee (for lot owners) is.”

The city also plans on addressing run-off issues to prevent run-off into lot owners’ yards. Councilman Gary Bates said he thinks the plan is good. He said the plan addresses water pressure and safety issues at the same time. Bates also said the city should start enforcing an anti-dumping law.

Hartle said if all the lot owners aren’t involved then the city will not move forward with the plan.

Wellsville Irrigation president Arlyn Brenchley announced there will be a water users meeting Dec. 8. He said a financial report will be given at the meeting. Brenchley said notices will be included in utility bills.

In other business, the city’s independent auditor Diana Cannell announced no new findings in this year’s audit. “I was actually quite pleased,” Cannell said. “Wellsville actually faired pretty well.”

Cannell announced total assets went up $250,000 and liabilities went down $185,000. She said net assets, less debt, increased by $118,000 and taxes went down slightly.

Cannell also said net loss in the water fund was $83,000. “If this is going to be a continual thing you might want to reevaluate,” she said. “You want to make sure you’re breaking even.

Hartle blamed the loss on $200,000 the city spent on new radio water meters. He said the meters are changed every 10 years and the loss would not be a continuing trend.

The council also announced the city raised $6,400 on sealed bids for surplus property. Items included in the auction were a tractor; a grasshopper lawnmower; a 1977 Ford 10-wheel dump truck; a 1980 GMC blue dump truck; and a 1989 Chevrolet pick-up truck. Winning bidders need to pick up and pay for items within two weeks from the auctions’ end.


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