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Wellsville City Council looks for solutions to sidewalk problems

March 22nd, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Jimena Herrero

WELLSVILLE — The City Council faced issues regarding city ordinances and sidewalks Wednesday, and voted 3-1 to defer sidewalk construction in a subdivision located at 200 West and 450 South.

“We already have plenty of sidewalks that lead to nowhere,” Councilman Colin Harrison said. “I don’t see the point of that.”

The owner of the subdivision in question was being faced with the construction of a 165-foot sidewalk that would lead to nowhere. City ordinances currently require subdivision owners and builders to lay down sidewalks on their property regardless of the subdivision’s location. Because many subdivisions are in rural areas where there is no need for a sidewalk, residents as well as some city officials are asking for changes to be made.

“These areas are rural and that’s the reason why many of us moved here,” Harrison said. “Do we want to keep the rural look, or do we want to put sidewalks we don’t need everywhere?”

Mayor Thomas G. Bailey recognized that there are many sidewalks, especially on Main Street, that are in desperate need of repair. “Some sidewalks are in very bad shape,” Bailey said. “But there is just no money to fix them.”

City Manager Don Hartle believes a fund needs to be established in order to repair sidewalks that have high traffic.

While some council members believe building new sidewalks is an important part of Wellsville’s growth, others feel it is unnecessary.

“We have sidewalks to nowhere because hopefully in the future they will connect,” Councilman Carl Leatham said. “As Wellsville grows we will need more sidewalks.”


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